It all started with…

a collection of family, love, & non-toxic warriors.

A belief in and how a healthy & vibrant life begin with the gifts from the Divine and the Earth. 

We are regular people (some would call us eccentric, weird, out of the box, hippie la la's...and we love it all) who are passionate about helping and educating people on non-toxic lifestyles, gardening & skincare.

We love our mini farm.

We usually talk to our plants.

We say a mini prayer of love over all the products that leave us to you.

We use the same products we make. We love the sun and all the wonderful energy it gives.

We love the Divine beauty spread into each herb and plant that we use to create products.



We ARE strong in our desire for completely nourishing products for the mind, body and spirit. We are NOT a huge company trying to make sub-par products to make a buck. We ARE a company that makes our products fresh with real organic, wildcrafted ingredients from the earth. We ARE all about products that have a shelf life because they are REAL. A short shelf life is good. No harmful preservatives. We do NOT use some of the ingredients that the "all natural, organic" product lines use and say are healthy (but aren't). We ARE a company that operates on love, grace, passion, truth, and the good people we meet.


Our hope is that our products will inspire and propel you to live your best life, feeling vibrant & connected to this wonderful, healing Earth that God made.

Welcome to Life Root, we are so happy you are here. We can't wait to share this journey of with you.

With love & light, Amy & Brad (Life Root founders)