Paciferous Pits Spray

Paciferous Pits Spray


The peace bringer to the pit region.

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paciferous paˈciferous, a.Obs.

[f. L. pācifer peace-bringing + -ous.]

Peace-bringing. Defunktifying. Pit Region. Pit Food.

What food could we possibly need for our pits? To most people, pits are a region to be tamed, suppressed, dealt with. The area can cause embarrassment, funky smells, or dark wet circles on shirts. The enigma around the pit region has always meant differing things to various sorts, beginning back hundreds of years. 

The armpit and the smell of the man or woman used to be a thing of desire. It was customary in rural Austria, as a courting ritual and the way to a lover's heart to wear apples soaked in armpit sweat. Yep. You read that right. Young women would do a ritual dance with apple slices lodged in their armpits. After the dance, the woman would give a slice to the man of her choice, and he would then eat it. Yum. Talk about pheromone swapping. (1) 

Another custom (and still practiced by some cultures today) involved a man wearing a handkerchief in his armpit thereby soaking it with his sweat. When he felt the time was right, he would wave it in his lovers face as a sign of affection.

Maybe your sweat isn't as sweet smelling or apple edible as the customs above, but armpit definitely plays a vital role in our bodies. The armpit is a source for supple skin, lymph nodes, & detoxifying glands.

"Science has recently elevated the modest underarm to a unique and vital body micro-climate. Its dark, warm dampness is the ideal environment for thousands of unique dermal bacteria, many of which are important for our health and immunity.  Sweat is the body's precious and cooling dew of fun play, heart-pumping movement and steamy soaks in the sauna. Some of the bacteria that thrive in the underarm feast on sweat, and one of the by-products of this banquet is scent or odor...Our sweat-scent is as original as our fingerprint, revealing our gender, fertility, health and diet and diffusing our personal pheromone calling-card." ~Nadine Artemis



Ingredients: Lemon Balm Hydrosol, Distilled H20, Collidial Silver, Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel, Baking Soda, Probiotic Blend, Essential Oil Blend. Contains Baking Soda

Directions: spritz lightly after cleansing. Let dry before putting on clothing.


1. Is Paciferous Pits just like my other deodorant or anti perspirant product? 

Not really. This product is unique from your regular store bought deodorant. Most of them contain harmful chemicals (see our blog post here)and fragrances that tend to clog the important pit region. Paciferous Pits has ingredients that are known to promote the clearing of toxins from the pit region. Big difference.

2. I tried your product and I am actually sweating more, and my BO is worse. Why is that? 

Congrats! That means your pits are clearing out some bad juju thats been hanging out for a while. Because the ingredients are known to support detoxification, there could be some time where you are actually clearing out the area. This can manifest itself by creating more sweat, some funky smells, and sometimes irritation after a few days. Take note however: If there is irritation, then it might be detoxing too fast, and it is suggested that you slow down use or stop for a while. Also, wearing the deodorant at night might help mitigate some of the initial stages of detox so you can get through the day if you are sweating a lot. 

How long does this take to "detox" my pits?

It's bio-individual. Most people notice a change after a few days. Also, if you are eating a processed foods diet, not a lot of veggies, and a bunch of sugar or caffiene, then the funk will last longer or come back on occasion when the diet gets out of whack. You are what you eat, and what your skin eats.