Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your ingredients organic?

Well, depends on what your definition of organic is. Sometimes the best ingredients aren't labeled organic. "What the What?!" If a local farm has some amazing lavender that has been grown with no chemicals, out in a wild area, with amazing dark soil in its roots, but this farm doesn't have the label "organic" by governmental regualtions...then SkinFoodie can not label it as such on its label. But you can be assured that careful consideration is put into each ingredient, and the best possible ingredients (that are sometimes "beyond organic" but aren't labeled as such) are searched out. 

What is the shelf life of your products?

These products tend to last about 6 months. Most of the time longer, but there wonderful smells and properties will start to diminish. Just like you wouldn't expect your veggies to last more than a week in the fridge, these products have no chemicals, so they tend to have a shorter shelf life. 

What do you mean by sun-infused?

This means that we infused our herbs into our oils in the sunlight. The sun gives so graciously an energy and a protective force that humans can not match. 

What kind of essential oils do you use? 

SkinFoodie believes in pure therapeutic professional-grade essential oils. We have searched high and low for what we believe are the best and purest essential oils around. 

Are your products safe for children, pregnant/breastfeeding women or pets?

Most of our products will suit just about any one. We do however have a few products that you should take caution with. They are labeled as such. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please use caution in which of our maternity and birthing products are used. We also have a lovely Lunar Herbal Hair Tea that children, pregnant or breastfeeding moms shouldn't use.