Garden Consultation ~ Austin, TX area

Garden Consultation ~ Austin, TX area


~Austin, TX and surrounding areas. If you are not sure if your area qualifies, then contact us please.~

We will come to your home and discuss garden options on your property. We will look at sun patterns, house placement vs garden placement, permaculture choices for your area and soil type, and options according to your environment.

Read what to expect below for more information regarding the consult.

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What to expect during a consultation:

The consultation should take around 45-minutes to one hour.

  • A permaculture or kitchen garden consultation according to your goals for your garden.

  • A careful look at season and sun patterns to find the best placement for plants and gardens.

  • Assessment of raised beds vs. in-ground gardening based on location of home and goals.

  • Garden placement according to home location.

  • You will receive a general list of plants that would work well in your area, and a discount on seeds or transplants for your garden planting.

    If you would like to receive a more in-depth garden plan, container garden construction, have a large commercial project or business, etc, we can chat at your consult about further implementation, or you can contact us here.