beauty begins at the root

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Embrace Botanical wisdom.

Our line of holistic & mindfully sourced organic products help you create a life that is rooted, sustainable, simple, minimalistic & non-toxic.

Our formulations are made with love for a vibrant & radiant body, a healthy planet, and a centered spirit.


remedy thyself at the root




Vibrant living starts with addressing the root.

Strengthen your (healthy) roots= increase your personal health resiliency

What are your healthy roots?

Your body... balanced. Your soul....nourished. Your mind...vibrant. When you support these roots with the nourishment that nature gives, your tree of life (and your roots) become stronger and more resilient, creating

Grow your own roots.

Create your life rooted space.

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Nourishing &

sacred space

Nourishing your sacred space & surroundings help create a vibrancy well within you. Having daily rituals such as gardening, tea time, walking (whatever fulfills your being) are important parts of connecting with yourself and having