The Nourish & Namaste Gals

We believe that community is key between women. We are here to lift each other up, keep each other sane, and make the world a better place to be in. After all, we are women... what's your superpower??

Nouirish & Namaste Womens Retreats

Nourish & Namaste hosts Holistic Women's Retreats twice a year. Nourishing food, restorative yoga, awesome activities, amazing community, breathtaking views and accommodations. Check out more details about our next retreat here. Click thru below to see some pics from our first retreat! :)


Meaningful information that adorns the beauty you are. Check out the Nourish & Namaste blog HERE.

Moon Goddess Parties & Moon celebrations

Nourish & Namaste hosts Moon Goddess Parties & Moon Celebrations. Inhale the beauty of the moment and the celebrate women in your life with community and thanksgiving. Take a sacred moment and give this gift to your tribe. More info here.