Chlorine Detox Salve

Chlorine Detox Salve


Promote skin health after chlorine exposure

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Chlorine Detox promotes skin health after chlorine exposure.

Chlorine is a naturally occurring element in the halogen family alongside of fluoride, bromine, iodine.  Humans have harnessed chlorine and most commonly use it for disinfecting purposes in pools, household cleaners, etc. Unfortunately, chlorine’s potential toxicity is not limited to mold and fungus and has actually been linked to serious health dangers for humans(1).

If you are chlorine sensitive, then give Chlorine Detox a try. The ingredients such as Vitamin C, key essential oils known for drawing chlorine out of the dermis.* 


Please note that when you apply this balm, you could become more sun sensitive, so best to apply after chlorine sun exposure.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil, butyrospermum parkki (shea butter), beeswax, essential oils of geranium & lemon, asorbic acid powder Warning: contains essential oils that are photosensitive. Be careful with sun exposure.