Once upon a time. A family. A garden. A dream for healthy & specialty skin products. Food for the skin. No harsh chemicals. no hidden junk. Not toxic. from Nature. Food Ingredients. Rejoicing Skin. :)


Love what your skin eats.


~Who SkinFoodie Is~

SkinFoodie is a collection of family, love, & non-toxic skin warriors. We love skin and all that it experiences in the world. That skin needs a unburdened chance to communicate the world around you.

We are regular people (some would call us eccentric, weird, out of the box, hippie la la's...and we love it all) who are passionate about helping and educating people on non-toxic lifestyles and skincare. We also sometimes like to pretend we have super powers. :)

We love our mini farm. We usually talk to our plants. We say a mini prayer of love over all the products that leave us to you. We use the same products we make. We love the sun and all the wonderful energy it gives.

We love the Divine beauty spread into each herb and plant that we use.


We ARE strong in our desire for completely skin nourishing products. We are NOT a huge company trying to make sub-par products to make a buck. We ARE a company that makes our products fresh with real ingredients from the earth. We ARE all about products that have a shelf life because they are REAL FOOD. A short shelf life is good. No harmful preservatives. We do NOT use some of the ingredients that the "all natural, organic" skincare lines use and say are healthy (but aren't). We ARE a company that operates on love, grace, passion, truth, and the good people we meet.


Why are we here? Because of you. We are all living and breathing here and deserve a chance to make it the best we can.

One change in your family can ripple down for generations.


If it is not safe to eat, then why put it on your skin? 


SkinFoodie believes in using the best ingredients available, and making small batches, with a whole lot of love. :)

  1. We use pure therapeutic professional-grade essential oils, herbs, and oils. More about that here. SkinFoodie loves earth's medicine. We grow and use what we can, and search for the best for the rest. 
  2. "Are ALL your ingredients organic?" Not exactly. Sometimes the best ingredients aren't organic. If a local farm down the road has some amazing lavender that has been grown with no chemicals, out in a wild area, with amazing dark soil in its roots, but this farm doesn't have the label "organic" by the governmental regulations...then SkinFoodie can not label it as organic on the label. But you can be assured that careful consideration is put into each ingredient, and the best possible ingredients are searched out. 
  3. Sun Infused Products ~ Most of our balms are sun-infused. The sun gives so graciously an energy and a protective force that humans can not match. 
  4. Made with a whole lotta love ~ The same products that are shipped to you... we use in our home as well. On our skin. On our pets skin. We believe because we love them and put so much love and care into making them, your family will love them too.