Grow House

Grow House


Modern Sprout's Growhouse is the greenhouse plus growlight that makes sustaining a year-round garden inside of your home not only doable, but beautiful. Designed for small spaces, kitchen countertops or even mounting on a wall, this glass and antiqued brass fixture can house multiple plants anywhere in your home. Our custom full spectrum LEDs support healthy vegetative growth while a timer provides low-to-full light settings and automatically turns on/off. A hinged door keeps moisture in while allowing for easy watering and harvesting. Stylish and multi-functional, the Growhouse is perfect for an endless variety of kitchen herbs and leafy greens (including basil, mint, rosemary, parsley, arugula, watercress and many more) plus cacti, succulents and houseplants. 

Made in the USA of domestic and imported components.

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Full Spectrum Grow Light

  • Custom high-powered LEDs provide the spectrum needed for healthy vegetative plant growth.
  • Emit a natural, bright sunlight hue
  • Use minimal power and have an average life span of 12 yrs.
  • Produce very little heat and have a conformal coating for water resistance and durability.

3-Setting Timer

  • Provides exactly what your plants need daily from low-to-full light (8, 12, 16 hour settings) and features a tranquil fading that mimics dawn and dusk. Timer is touch sensitive and sleekly mounted behind the glass. Tap glass to operate.


  • A hinged front panel offers easy plant access, along with integrated hanging hardware for wall mounting. Designed to maintain a higher humidity, making it perfect for dry environments and winter months.