Beauty is not in the face; beauty is in the light of the heart.
— Khalil Gibian

Where you seek your beauty, you find your purpose. We seek beauty in many ways in our daily life. We see the sunset on a cool evening, stare at the beauty of a loved one's face, or actually stop and smell the beautiful flowers in our path. We find beauty in our work, our families, our taking time to slow down the chaos of life. In the midst of the search, the media also impresses upon us that we should seek outward beauty, with little concentration on beauty as an entity of the whole being. This includes the expression of the heart and spirit, as well as being a good steward of your own body.

In that search for what the media contrives as beauty, we then pass judgement and negativity on ourselves and others on how we can perfect that beauty from the outside, and often with substances and mantras that nature and the Divine did not intend.

If we fall into that rut of endless outward beauty, we can become eternally shallow...and then it becomes a challenge to embrace acceptance, love, peace and the many wonderful things nature and the Divine offers us.

So SkinFoodie challenges you to go against the grain, to embrace the whole unscathed beauty that you seek.

The Japanese have coined a beautiful term called Wabi Sabi. It celebrates natural beauty. The beauty of imperfection.

 Celebrate your Wabi Sabi...celebrate your beautiful.
Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth and natural aging. It’s simple, slow and uncluttered- and it reveres authenticity above all.

It celebrates cracks and crevices and marks that love, time, and experience leave behind.

It celebrates Divine beauty.

Anti aging is a fallacy. Embrace aging in grace and beauty by aligning with the healing plants that nature gave us. Stop fighting and radiate.

To embrace your beauty is a hard task, inside and out. We can learn from nature and be radiant with less. Embrace the light the world shines, the light the Divine & nature supplies.

Celebrate your Wabi Sabi...celebrate your beautiful.